Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Alamo Repairs Services

If you are self-isolating over concerns about coronavirus, or have contracted the virus, please let us know so we can assist you fully throughout this experience.

Everyone will be very aware of the impact the virus is having on the movement and activities of normal daily life. Alamo has been forced to make the decision to operate an Emergency and Hazard Repairs service only for the immediate, and foreseeable future. This is both practical for logistics and, also, is in the best interest of members in reducing possible exposure to the virus from added visits to your property.

We have been working to establishing a considered, and deliverable service to cover all eventualities that may arise within the remit of emergency repairs works. With specific attention as to how to assist those in self isolation, and, those members that may have the virus, or, contract it somewhere down the line.

D&G Property Services, a contractor we have been working with for some time, have established a specific working procedure to delivery safe emergency repair in the current situation.

For this reason, we have engaged all repair services throughout this crisis period to D&G Property Services. The membership can be assured that emergency repairs will be serviced safely.

I have supplied a sheet of contact details which have been updated with D&G Property Services and I will list them again at the end of this letter.


All members reporting an emergency repair to D&G Property Services will be asked a few a brief questionnaire about your current health status regarding the virus

Contractors attending all properties with be wearing disposable overalls, face masks, gloves, boot covers, and eye ware protection.

Should you have any symptoms of the virus, or, self-isolating then a second protocol will come into play.

A team of specialist cleaners will attend your property to sanitise/deep clean all access areas to, and, around the area requiring repair. The contractor from D&G Property Services will then attend and fix/make safe the emergency repair. Through the works you will be asked to be either, in another room, or to keep up, or as much of two meters away from the operative whilst the repair takes place.

Please check the list below for what is deemed an emergency repair/hazard as only emergency or essential repairs will be raised.

This is not infallible, should D&G Property Services find themselves in a situation where so many of their operatives/organisation have had to self-isolate they are struggling to function properly then please contact the housing officer 07931771737. We have arrangements with other contractors and will look to send a contractor as soon as possible. Please be aware that due to the current circumstances completion times previously established for a contractor to attend an emergency maybe longer than the usual.

What is an emergency repair?

An emergency repair is something that needs to be fixed straight away as it poses a risk to your health, safety or security. This could be:

  • A gas leak or dangerous electrical fault
  • Major damage to the structure of your home
  • A serious security problem, such as a front door that cannot be locked
  • The loss of essential services, such as water or electricity.

I need an emergency repair but I’m self-isolating/have coronavirus so what should I do

Should you have an emergency D&G Property Services, or, another designated contractor (please see contact list or call the housing officer) will still carry out your emergency repair whilst ensuring to do everything possible to keep you and the contractors safe. We have agreed with D&G Property Services that they will be asking you a set of pre-screening questions when you make the call to the Helpline to report the emergency/hazard. In the event you have contracted the virus we have made provision with D&G Property Services for a specialist cleaning company to attend and sanitise/deep clean the area leading up to, and, around the repair before the attending contractors enter the building/your property and starting any works. D&G Property Services contractors will wear disposable protective overalls, mask, boot covers, and gloves as will the cleaning contractors. You will be asked, where possible, to keep a two meter, or as much of as possible a distance from the contractors while they fix/make safe the repair.

Network Boiler Emergency repairs.

Network have confirmed their aim is to continue to carry out the annual safety checks such as gas servicing to ensure you remain safe in your home. Network as to how they intend to proceed in all instances, but emergency repairs are to be being operated. Should your boiler break down please contact Network Homes Repairs on 0300 373 3000 and follow the options to Network Homes Tenants. The contractors for Network, Oakray, have confirmed they will ask a brief questionnaire about your current health status regarding the virus, and, any members that is suffering from the virus, or self-isolating, will be delivered heaters to their front door, but the contractor will not enter the property to fix the boiler. So we advise you let them deliver you the heaters and then contact me on 07931771737 and I will arrange for a contractor to attend to fix the boiler using the agreed protocols already detailed with works carried out by D&G Property Services.

Are we still completing day to day repairs?

We are only ensuring emergency and hazardous repairs. Should you have a non-urgent repair please contact the office by email or text, or call, 07931771737 and a note of the repair will be made, and a works order raised once normal services are resumed.


D&G Property Services: 07939600800

NETWORK REPAIRS BOILER BREAK DOWNS: 0300 373 3000 OPTION 2 OPTION then listen until Network Tenants.

HOUSING OFFICER 07931771737 – For any emergency repair that is not getting resolved.