Alamo Housing Co-operative is responsible for providing day to day repairs and maintenance services to the properties we manage on behalf of Network Homes. Network Homes, retains responsibility for maintaining and servicing gas boilers, external redecoration, major repairs and for some health and safety functions.

In order to deliver the day to day maintenance repairs service, we have employed a specialist property management organisation,

You can report repairs to ELKINS directly during office hours. There is also an out of hours service for emergencies. You will find contact details for ELKINS over the page.

Before reporting a repair, we would ask you to check that the problem is not one that is the tenant’s responsibility. The repairs that you are responsible for are listed below. Please always report a repair and if you cannot attend the time agreed time and date please ensure you advise A&E Elkins in advance or you may be charged for the missed appointment.

If you have any queries about repairs or would like to discuss a specific repair with a member of staff before calling ELKINS, please contact the Alamo office.

 DOWNLOAD THE PDF VERSION: Maintenance leaflet Alamo 2020 (updated Dec 2020)


Leave the building immediately and call 999 for the fire brigade.

  • Do not attempt to collect your things
  • Do not try to fight the fire


If you have a problem with your boiler please call Network Homes’ repairs line.

Tel: 0300 373300


Leave the property immediately and call
Transco on 0800 111 999

  • Do not smoke
  • Do not turn any light switches or electrical equipment on or off
  • Open doors and windows
  • Check if a gas appliance has been left on or a pilot light has blown out
  • Turn off the gas supply at the meter


If you have a leak, first turn off the stopcock, then call ELKINS to report it.

Serious leaks will be treated as an emergency.

Tel: 020 3887 6864/ Or OUT OF HOURS: 07432 054504
(4.30 PM – 8.30 AM Evenings and weekends)

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How long will my repair take?

When you report a repair you have a right to expect that we will complete the repair within a certain period of time.
Our target time-scales for repairs are shown below.

Emergency repairs

Within 24 hours

  • Serious hot or cold water leak
  • Serious roof leaks
  • Loss of power

Urgent repairs

Within 7 days

  • Minor hot or cold water leak
  • Roof leak
  • Failure of communal TV aerial
  • Running overflow

Routine repairs

Within 28 days

  • Dripping water taps
  • Lack of security – such as a defective lock or a broken ground floor window
  • Anything else that is a health and safety hazard
  • Broken light fittings
  • Blocked WC, sink or bath
  • Damaged sanitary ware
  • All other repairs (other than planned works and improvements)
  • Faulty kitchen units
  • Cracked or defective windows above ground floor

Repairs to communal areas

Alamo staff regularly inspect the common hallways. However if you think repairs are needed in the common areas of your building, please do let us know.


If you have a garden, under the terms of your tenancy, it is your responsibility to maintain it. However, if your garden has large, established trees which are causing a hazard or a nuisance, please contact the Alamo office.

Rechargeable repairs

If we need to carry out repairs because you have damaged or neglected your home, we may recharge you for part or all the cost of those repairs.

Repairs that  are your responsibility

There are some repairs that we expect our members to do for themselves. However, we may be able to assist in exceptional circumstances. Please contact the Alamo office if you have a query about a specific repair.

  • Unblocking  drains and toilets (if you have caused the blockage in any non-designed use such as disposing of wipes or other sanctuary products that are not designed to be disposed through the toilet)
  • Replacing lost keys (we suggest that you leave a spare key with a relative or neighbor) Water damage caused by your appliances,particularly washing machines
  • Repairing broken windows (unless you have a crime reference number)
  • Replacing toilet seats, fuses, plugs,and light bulbs (except in special cases) Fixing and replacing damaged internal doors and door furniture