I have a problem with my boiler2017-12-15T14:36:25+00:00

If you have a problem with your boiler please call Network Homes’ repairs line.

Tel: 0300 373300

I have a water leak what shall I do?2022-11-24T13:12:16+00:00


If you have a leak, first turn off the stopcork, then call D&G Property Service to report it.

Serious leaks will be treated as an emergency.

Thursday to Friday Members with an emergency repair can contact D&G Property Service on  07939600800.

There is an Out of Hours (OOH) number which is 03333057724. This number is to be used if a member has an urgent repair out of normal business hours or the weekends.

Which repairs are my responsibility?2017-12-15T14:36:25+00:00

There are some repairs that we expect our members to do for themselves. However we may be able to assist in exceptional circumstances. Please contact the Alamo office if you have a query about a specific repair.

  • Unblocking drains and toilets (if you have caused the blockage)
  • Replacing lost keys (we suggest that you leave a spare key with a relative or neighbour)
  • Water damage caused by your appliances, particularly washing machines
  • Repairing broken windows (unless you have a crime reference number)
  • Replacing toilet seats, fuses, plugs, and light bulbs (except in special cases)
  • Fixing and replacing damaged internal doors and door furniture
How long will my repair take?2017-12-15T14:36:25+00:00

When you report a repair you have a right to expect that we will complete the repair within a certain period of time. Our target time-scales for repairs are shown below. These time- scales also apply to repairs ordered through our agents, CDS Co-operatives.

Emergency repairs

Within 24 hours

  • Serious hot or cold water leak
  • Serious roof leaks
  • Loss of power